Excited New artist working on some great new Hippy Cool products TBA

Bonner is back and "Soul Pool" has regrouped and in rehearsal studio. Some new music on the horizon. 

Click here for IndieGoGo campaign in effect for "Facing the Bull" or  through Pay Pay, right here.

"Facing the Bull"​ script is in process of film adaptation

Hippy Cool Productions, LLC is a recording, publishing, and entertainment production company, concentrated on developing and supporting the talents and works of independent artists, musicians, performers and writers.  It's mission is to give opportunity for artists and talents to do what they do best...create.  Based in NYC, Hippy Cool was founded in 1993.  

Tickets here $10 for "Bonner" The Band at NORDS/Blarney Stone                     

$15 at door.  Follow on Facebook  LisaBonner1Word 

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