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Original music by "Bon-Bon and the Little Foxies": Abby Levin, Julie Bluestone, Jaden Schapiro, Emily Shoen, Chris Lowe.  7pm - 519 Hudson St.

Montauk Music Festival

Writer/Singer/Songwriter/Actress.  Bonner is a very entertaining performer.  Whether with a band or solo, she encaptures audience with a journey, comedy and drama, contained in song and banter. 




Upcoming Performances

May 19 & 20th Hamptons

​May 22nd NYC

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About Bonner

Hula Hut:  Friday,  May 19 at 4pm Montauk, NY

Montauket:  Friday, May 19 at 10pm Montauk, NY

Beach House Hotel:  Saturday, May 20, Montauk, NY

Shagwong:  Saturday Night, May 20, Montauk, NY

Cowgirl NYC

Bonner will be appearing once again, at the Montauk Music Festival, in the Hamptons 


Friday May 19, Hula Hut at 2pm

Friday May 19, Montuaket at 10pm

Saturday, May 20, Beach House Hotel, 2pm

Saturday, May 20, Shagwong, 10pm  



​ 22nd