Hippy Cool Entertainment


Hippy Cool's Mission -
              "Enjoy Living"  

Life is meant to be joyful and enjoyed.  Hippy Cool's design is to provide events and activities for you, your friends and family in the Hampton's.  It's to get you off the sofa and out into experience:  dance, music, golf, art, theater, nature, boating and so on.  

It's easy.  Our part is:  we plan.  Your part:  show up. Events are moderately priced, so everyone can participate.  It gives you no real thought into the matter, but, decide, click and go.  We take care of the rest.

The mission is to support our Hampton community, both young and old, with an array of healthy, affordable, events and activities so everyone can participate in physically, socially, spiritually.  Some will be small, others larger more public events.  I want to bring people together; share talents, local resources, connections, commerce, get active, get up and get out to enjoy the spirit of living that is in each of us.  Whether it is art, music, theater, outdoor activities, golf, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, cross country skiing, clam bakes, sports, dancing, or boat outings, the mission:  is take you in the direction of fun and enjoyment, encourage our young adult populations talents, while building a strong, interdependent commerce community on the South Fork.

Big love - comin' atcha,
Lisa Bonner
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