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"Facing the Bull" is a theatrical play, with music, about a girl coming of age and, a society, coming to rage.  Our main character takes us on a journey of comic vignettes, as scenes in her American life, that slowly unravel decades of a shocking reality, she was not prepared. A reality that seem to divide US on very core levels...but also awaken the deep spirit of determination in US.  

Daniel Neiden the producer, in association with Living Lotus Project and Hippy Cool Productions, Laura Gosheff is the director, Lisa Bonner is the playwright and composer and also performs. With a cast featuring actors as musicians, it is a funny and insightful piece, bringing into light, the small increments, changing US over the past few decades.  We all play a part in the performance of life.  For what we do to the spider, we do to our web.

*Appear courstesy of Actors Equity

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