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Theatre and Film

After this past year's NYC theatrical success of "Facing the Bull", Hippy Cool Productions, is proud to announce, the script is in process of being transformed into a screen adaptation. We're getting "Facing the Bull" to the big screen.

If you would like to donate or contribute, in support of our project, please check out our IndieGoGo Crowd Fund raiser.  The smallest contributions, are always appreciated and used effectively to further progress our projects.  Every dime goes far and no dime goes unwasted!  Presently, we are running a 30 day funding campaign for script editing and formatting changes.  

If you cannot extend financial contributions,and you would like to contribute in other ways, please, we welcome any and all efforts:  products or services for fund raising, time, services or connections rendered to our project and production, sound and audio, cameras, finance, and talent...just passing the word or sharing, is greatly appreciated.

​​​​​​​The Screen Play


In February 2018, "Facing the Bull" presented it's first very successful, staged actors' equity showcase.  We will continue development of this project, both for stage and film.  If you would like to follow this project on Face Book, go to

"Facing the Bull" page and follow us.  

​As the script hit the table, a loud slap of two hands promptly followed with a slam. I was taken back, "whoa." Artists tends to default to the worse case scenario. Much to the contre, an intense, insurmountable joy, filled my heart, as the words, "This is a film script that needs to be done, NOW!" Those were the words that bellowed from the producer. I sat silent, wanting to cry jubilation, when I realized; they all agreed. As a result, "Facing the Bull" is now in film development.

The Writer


"Facing the Bull", writer and composer, Lisa Bonner.

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