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Lisa Bonner w/Sheryl Boltze, Troy Hoffman, Robert McCabe

Montauk Music Festival '18

May 17- May 20

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Lisa Bonner's "House of Mirrors" and "Like Mercury" available for download and purchase, online at:  iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify!  

Listen Up- Listen

Lisa Bonner interviewed with Dan Coleman on "Rock Radio", taped, Sunday, October 15th, 2017.  Broadcast live from Princeton, NJ area 7-9PM.  

 "City WIde Radio" Interview - Listen

NYC and Montauk, NY

Huffington Post writer, Mia Berman, recently interviewed Lisa Bonner on her show,  "Mia's World".  "Mia''s World" is a New York City based radio program broadcasting from "City WIde Radio" a world wide radio station and progarm.  "Bonner" was interviewed live from the Montauk Music Festival on May 18th, 2017, where she was performing that weekend.  You can still hear on 'archive' under Mia's World....5-18-17 or click the link above.  Mia starts show out with a few tunes by other artists and then, wanes into interview with Bonner, featuring original recorded music.  Mia shares great  insight into Bonner's music during interview.

"Carousal Arts You Tube Interview" - Listen

Redbank, NY

Click link above or image of Lisa Bonner - OneMore Stream, to view interview with Danny Coleman and Lisa Bonner.  Discussing "Facing the Bull": A New American Play, Bonner's newest recording project and Hippy Cool Culture.  

Filmed 9-11-17